6 Different Ways of Tree Pruning

Pruning your trees will help remove unwanted branches, and improve the tree structure, generating the growth of healthy branches. There are a lot of benefits for pruning, such as protecting your property from damages of falling branches and making the tree stronger. Most people don’t consult on the best way of taking care of their trees until they end up being messy or dead. This process helps make your compound look safe, by ensuring that the tree branches have some space. This helps close the hideout for both wild animals and harmful people. It is vital to note that pruning can help shape your tree and direct some in the direction you want them to grow. You should look for professional tree service providers to help you with the pruning task.


Pollarding comes with a lot of advantages for a tree. It involves cutting off the top and all branches, making the tree only remain with a framework of secondary twigs. The best time to begin pollarding is when the tree is still young, which helps the growth of compact head leaves and branches. You should consider the Toronto tree service for tree maintenance consultation and pollarding services. While at it, get a company with a good reputation with a specialty in different tree services.

Dead Pruning

Dead pruning involves removing the dead or diseased branches from the tree. This helps to avoid the spread of the disease to other parts of the tree and encourages the growth of strong branches. Removing these branches from your homestead trees changes their appearance, making them look more presentable and healthy.

Crown Reduction

Trees grow fast, and some end up exceeding the desired height or may end up having heavy awkward braches on the top. You can reduce the height of the tree by cutting off the branches attached to the larger branches. This process helps reduce the overall weight at the top and keeps the tree in shape.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is slightly different from crown reduction. This involves removing small and weak branches on the crown to produce an evenly spaced structure from the top of the tree. This pruning helps increase the rate of light penetration and air circulation in the crown of a tree.

Crown Lifting

This involves the removal of the lower branches that may be weighing down the higher branches. As trees grow, some twigs often outgrow on the sidewalks and on the across the fence. You should always ask for a professional in this job because cutting mature branches may harm the tree.

Canopy Cleaning

Canopy cleaning is often done by professionals as it involves thorough tree inspection and removal of all the dead woods and the sucker growth in the canopy. This helps maintain the tree structure. Using a professional, you can be able to shape your trees to the desired shape and different structures.


It is vital to take care of your trees to get the maximum benefits. Depending on your tree structure, using the above pruning method will enable the healthy growth of the trees. To prevent damages like falling off the tree when pruning, ensure that the company is insured and knows the risk involved. Ensure that there is constant inspection from the moment you plant a tree and throughout its growth