Some Common Myths Still Surrounding Solar Energy

When it comes to solar energy, many people are already reaping the benefits of this clean and renewable energy source. However, there are many others who are still reluctant to invest in a solar panels system. According to the experts at Vivint Solar, this is often because of common myths these folk have heard about solar energy. In this article, we will discuss some of these myths and explain why they are not true.

Solar Panels are Expensive

Yes, the cost of installing a solar panel system can seem quite high initially, but it is important to realize that the price you pay for installation can often be offset by incentives and tax credits (depending on where you live). Furthermore, you do not need to have the amount in cash as many providers offer payment plans that allow you to spread the cost. Finally, the savings that you make on your energy bills by going solar means that your system should pay for itself over a number of years.

Solar Panels Only Work in Hot Climates

This is one of the biggest myths that prevents more people from going solar. The belief that you need to live in a hot climate for solar panels to be effective is what puts many off when the truth is that solar panels work best when the temperature is not so hot. The panels convert the sun’s light (not heat) into electricity, and this light can make its way to the panels even on cloudy days. When it is too hot, the panels can become less effective. The best conditions are bright, sunny days with a breeze to keep the temperatures down.

Solar Panels Require a Lot of Maintenance

It is a common belief that those with solar panel systems need to spend a lot of time looking after their system. In fact, the only maintenance the solar panel system requires is a yearly service and a clean. Those who live in warm, dry climates may need to have their solar panels cleaned a couple of times a year because too much dirt and dust on the panels reduces their efficiency. Nevertheless, for most people an annual service and clean is sufficient. With no moving parts, a solar panel system generally works away with very little maintenance required.

You Can’t Rely on Your Solar Panel System

It must be said that solar panels do not generate energy at night when the sun goes down. Furthermore, on very overcast days, solar panels will not work at maximum capacity. So what happens then? Well, if you have a solar panel battery installed at the same time as your panels, you can store the excess energy that your panels generate when they are working at full capacity. This energy can then be used in the home to power appliances and devices when the sun goes down. In most cases though, homes with solar panels will still need to be connected to the grid.

Solar Panels Decrease the Value of Your Home

There are some people who find solar panels ugly and just don’t want them on their homes for aesthetic reasons. So, trying to sell a home to someone with this opinion might be difficult. That being said though, the issue of whether solar panels are ugly is really a matter of preference. There are many people who don’t find them unappealing at all and rather than decrease the value of a home, they would be seen as a valuable addition. The fact that they can help to make savings on energy bills is very attractive to many.

Solar Panels Have to be Placed on the Roof

If you do not have much roof space, you might believe that you cannot have solar panels, but this is not the case. Although the preferable option is to place them up high on a roof, solar panels can also be positioned at ground level. Most solar panel providers will conduct an inspection of your home before providing you with their recommendations in terms of placement of the panels.

Solar Panels are Harmful to the Environment

There is obviously an impact on the environment when solar panels are made, but this is significantly lower than the impact of fossil fuel energy production. Moreover, once a solar panel is installed and working, there is no impact on the environment. It is harnessing clean energy from the sun and does not produce any harmful emissions or pollutants.

Only the Rich Can Afford Solar Panels

Paying for a solar panel system in cash is something that the wealthy can afford to do, which means that many people are of the opinion that they would never be able to afford to go solar. Nonetheless, as mentioned above, solar panel installation does not have to be paid for in cash. In fact, there are many different financing options available, and many of these do not even require any initial payment from the homeowner. Solar loans, leases and power purchase agreements are making it easier for more people to make the switch to solar energy.

Solar Panels Get Damaged Easily

Solar panels are made from glass, which means that you would be right to expect them to be quite fragile. However, they are actually made from toughened glass that is designed to withstand even the harshest of elements. As long as they are installed correctly, they will hold up to harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and even hail.


If you have been putting off getting a solar panel system for your home because of things that you have heard, we hope the above might help to allay some of your concerns. A solar panel system is a great way to power your home using clean and renewable energy. Although the initial cost can be quite high, there are many ways to pay for such a system, and the savings that can be made means most systems pay for themselves over time.