7 Benefits of Bamboo House You Should Know

For the last few decades, most folks in Asian countries have started living in bamboo house.

And we know why they have started living in a bamboo house. It’s to fulfil their childhood wish…

Remember, when you’re in the nursery and your teacher addresses this word ‘Bamboo house’, all of a sudden you imagine yourself living in it in winters.

Playing, dancing, and spending times in a bamboo house with your dear ones is a treat you always wish for. But there is more you get from the bamboo house which you’ve never heard of.

In this post, we’ve shared seven amazing benefits of a bamboo house that give you a clear picture of its importance.

Seven Benefits of Bamboo House

1.     It’s Sustainable

There is no end to the demand for bamboo houses.

The reason is everyone has witnessed the dark side of environmental change. That’s why most people started showing their concern to protect the environment from threats.

Living in a house made up of cement and bricks cause pollution which is also unsustainable.

Due to this, most people, especially in Asian countries are opting for an efficient and sustainable way.

The fact is eco-friendly bamboo is growing rapidly on the earth. Also, it can be fully grown in three years after harvesting.

Bamboo houses are sustainable, better than steel houses that contribute less to pollution. And you should opt for this one as it doesn’t affect the environment.

2.     It’s Strong

It’s not true that all bamboo house is made up of the weak bamboo tree. There are several types of bamboo tree used in making your dream house.

These bamboo have different types, strength and features.

Some are even strong as steel, twice the concrete efficiency. However, building a house with bamboo is hardly a new concept that looks eye-catching and modern.

That’s why many nations in Asia, as well as other continents, are adapting this style of houses.

Also, it can be crafted the way you want with help of modern tools and techniques. It’s the strong reason why a bamboo house is best to build a sturdy yet comfortable house.

That’s why we suggest you consider a bamboo house that is made up of material, strong as steel that looks great with any types of wooden furniture.

3.     It’s Environmental Friendly

One of the reasons most people started living in a bamboo house is its environmental-friendly features.

It’s true these houses are made with eco-friendly materials that produce oxygen and clean air.

It’s favourable for you which provide such essential things for free, unlike houses that are made up of bricks and cement. The materials used in steel or concrete house can be toxic to the environment.

That’s why we suggest you opt for a bamboo house that offers several perks like clean air, oxygen, a pollution-less environment, and so on.

4.     It’s Recyclable

A bamboo house is made up of materials that are mostly eco-friendly. On the other hand, apartments and condominium buildings made up of material that causes air or soil pollution.

Some of them cannot even be used twice for other purposes.

They don’t have recyclable properties. Moreover, they create tons of waste that are non-disposable, contributing a significant amount to pollution.

When you plan to build a bamboo house you require different types of bamboo trees and tools to design and structure your house the way you want.

However, when you opt for a steel or concrete house you require several materials that create waste like wood, cardboard, and drywall, which mostly end up in landfills.

5.     It’s Earthquake Resistant

Bamboos are popularly used in areas that mostly fall under the scope of earthquake and typhoons.

We know you won’t build your house in such locations. But if there are any natural calamities and you live in a bamboo house, the chance to witness the disaster is lesser than steel buildings.

It’s earthquake-resistant due to its lightweight and elasticity which also absorbs the seismic activity’s shocks and high winds way better than steel concrete.

That’s why there are a few cases of a bamboo house that has been destroyed due to natural calamities.

The bamboo houses offer several perks but being hurricane-resistant makes them stand out from the rest.

6.     It’s inexpensive

The material is relatively inexpensive because of its quick growth cycle, availability, and overall simplicity of planting.

When you plan to own a bamboo house you certainly require limited materials. But when you opt for a concrete apartment you need endless tools and materials. On top of that, the process takes time to build the way you want.

That’s why the bamboo house is quite inexpensive and the bamboos used for it can be chopped using simple instruments like a machete.

Its low cost allows your architects to use to design in the way you wish for. They can create the most stylish structure and interiors at minimum rates.

7.     It’s Easy to Build

You can have your bamboo house ready in months.

This isn’t like concrete or steel houses that takes years of time to build their strong base first.

Bamboo harvesting and installation are quite easy.

It’s simple to cut, requires no peeling during processing, and is light enough to handle, transport, and store. Moreover, there are numerous yet convenient ways to build a bamboo house, allowing you to customize your home.

Bamboo flooring, for example, comes in a variety of colours and kinds to mimic a traditional hardwood floor.

Final Word

These are the seven benefits of having a bamboo house that protect you from natural calamities and contribute less to environmental hazards.