Do You Need an Architect for Your Loft Conversion?

The answer is most probably no when it comes to loft conversion costs. Unless you are building a mansion or something equally large and complicated, you can pretty much do it all by yourself, and you can read more to understand.

What is a loft conversion?

A loft conversion is a process of creating extra living space in your home by converting or extending your loft. You can convert or extend your loft for many reasons; to make more room, turn it into an office, storage, guest bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

How much does a loft conversion cost?

It depends on which service provider you choose, the size, and the amount of work you need to be done. Generally, it is more cost-effective to hire a professional building company as they will be able to give you a better idea of cost and an estimated time frame for your project.

Is a permit required for a loft conversion?

A loft conversion is classed as permitted development. It means that you don’t need a permit to carry out the work, but you will have to apply for certain things such as approval from building control and getting a license if you want to install an en-suite bathroom in your converted loft.

However, there are some things that you might not be able to do on your own, like having the right permits, licenses, and insurance for one thing. But other than that, you can be your contractor.

Here are a few things you should know before you decide to make your loft your new home:

1. Pre-planning

Loft conversions are not cheap, especially if you hire a company to do it for you. So before you even consider this type of project, make sure that your finances are in order.

2. Repairs

Much like anything else renovation-related, there will be some repairs needed on the structure itself and any appliances and such.

3. Insurance

You will need insurance for the property while you are doing the conversion, especially if it is an old building that is already under multiple uses. It is important to get all this sorted out before even getting started!

4. Building Codes

Different countries have different laws for this sort of thing. You might very well find out that you are not allowed to do what you want or that self-building is illegal in your area. Make sure to check on these things first before even considering the conversion!

5. Building Rules

Some loft conversions are completely legal, but some have been frowned upon more than others. If you want to get approval from the neighbors, you need to consider this factor.

6. Time

Loft conversions can take a great deal of time to complete. Do not even consider doing this if you hurry and want everything to be finished by the end of the month! Plan and do your research before getting started.


Remember that this is not just a project; it is an investment. If you do your research, find the best company for your job, and don’t rush into anything, then you will be enjoying your new loft sooner than you think!