How do you know If you have a Blocked Drain?

Do you have a nasty smell lingering through your house? No doubt you have the terrible blocked drain issue! Generally you can fix this issue with a good plunger when you get onto it early. Leaks and flooding are a clear sign that you should be getting in touch with your local North Brisbane Plumber, but what the team at Buz Plumbing tells us is that “not all the symptoms of a blocked drain can be quite as clear”. 

A lot of these blocked drain symptoms can be overlooked, shrugged off as not really a serious plumbing issue. If the average homeowner is doing this, further plumbing problems will arise if not dealt with by a professional plumber. 

This article will deep dive into what a blocked drain looks like, and the various signs that can be missed leading to more issues. 

What can Block a Drain? 

Generally one of the biggest issues that blocked drains is food waste and dirt debris, you’d be surprised at the amount of things that can go down your drains. The food/products you need to worry about are the ones that don’t break down to pieces and cause these blockages. 

A local North Brisbane Plumber mentioned an important note, “you can’t ignore the fact that your drain has a problem, especially if it’s an actual blockage you’re dealing with”.

Tackling the problem and keeping an eye out for the early symptoms is the best course of action for rectifying a blocked drain. So read through this article to better understand, so your plumbing can always run smoothly.

Slow Drainage

This would have to be one of the simplest red flags that lead to a blocked drain. To put it simply, if you have a slow drain, you have a blocked drain. Now, whilst we know this is an easy sign, Buz Plumbing mentioned this being the biggest one constantly being overlooked. Once the water flow at your home begins to slow down, get on the phone and bring your local emergency plumber. 

While DIY plumbing can be frowned upon, if you can clearly see your drainage is slowing down, and you can’t get your emergency plumber out, simply take a long enough wire and insert it down the drainage pipe to try and relieve the blockage. 

Gurgling Sounds

No, the gurgling in your sink is not normal! This sound is often directed straight to food waste, dirt or other items being blocked in your drainage. This sound is caused due to the debris sitting on top of water, not allowing air to pass freely creating the gurgling sound.


Small pockets of flooding in your yard can generally mean that you’ve got a blockage from tree roots. As these roots are wired to be constantly looking for water sources, as soon as you’ve got a minor leak the roots will push their way through to the point of completely blocking the pipe. 

If this is happening to you, it is highly recommended you call your local emergency plumber. They will need to dig the area out and replace the damaged drain pipe. 

Have a Clogged Drain?

While there are moments some DIY plumbing can be effective, there will be a lot more than your local blocked drain plumber will need to rectify.

So for the sake of keeping your plumbing always working smoothly, keep an eye out for the signs we have mentioned above and get in the necessary help when needed.