The Basics to Hot Tub Care and Maintenance

It is beneficial to have a spa at home. The home improvement initiative is vital for comfort and relaxation. In addition, it can add value to your house and get a higher price for the property if you plan to sell in the future. After installing a new hot tub, it is critical to know how to care for and maintain the amenities. We will offer you insights on how to undertake the tasks.

Learn the Basics

Proper maintenance is crucial for its service life, whether indoor, outdoor, or portable hot tub. It is critical to understand the specifications of the amenities you install. The information will let you know the parts to buy if you require repairing or replacing components. 

On the other hand, you should get the proper spa enzymes for water treatment. In addition, you should follow the rules for using the hot tub. It includes using soft water to avoid coating surfaces and filling water to its required capacity. Still, the electrical connections need to be correct to avert the risks of electrical shock or fire. Most of the preventive measures happen during the installation process. So, it is vital to have a qualified technician install the amenities in your home. 

Tips to Help with Hot Tub Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance of the hot tub are not complex. You only need to know the right way to undertake the initiative. Below are some tips to help you;

Proper Water Circulation

Although the different types of hot tubs will have varying systems, their operation is similar. The ideal design should have an automated system for water circulation. It means you can schedule the time you want the process to happen. Proper water circulation reduces the chances of contamination. The system will eliminate any contaminants as the water passes through the filters.

One cycle should last 20 minutes or more. You need to schedule the water circulation at least twice every day for the best results. However, the water will be cleaner if you do it more frequently than the standard time. 

Clean the Hot Tub Frequently

Stagnant water produces scum. Although you circulate water in your tub, the particles will inevitably appear on the surfaces. If you have the amenities in the backyard, debris will enter the tub. It is advisable to clean the surfaces at least once a week. You can wipe the parts using a sponge, while vinegar can help scrub the dirt off. Ensure you drain the water to clean the inside, and do not forget the outside to maintain the hot tub’s aesthetics. 

Water Balance

It is vital to balance the water in a hot tub. You need to understand the water chemistry before using any chemical. Water testing can help you know the alkalinity and PH levels. The information will help you select the chemicals and ratio to use. Still, the size of your home spa will determine how you mix the items.


The information in this read will help you with everyday hot tub maintenance. Implement them to get a return on your home improvement investments.