How To Take Care Of Money Plant?

Money plant is a very common indoor and outdoor popular plant. You can find it anywhere because of its low maintenance quality. People believe that it also represents good fortune and prosperity. Because of this feature, people passing this plant to their friends and dear ones for a bit of good luck. 

Its scientific name is Epipremnum Aureum. In brief, I can say that it is a fuss-free plant but it also does some care to grow well. But don’t worry, a minimal care guide is required to maintain a healthy and prosperous money plant. 

How to take care of money plant?

Money plant is a perfect and beautiful indoor plant. It gives you a tropical feel and reduce stress, anxiety and brings positive energy to your space. This plant is also pet-friendly and air-purifying. Here I am giving you some tips to take care of this plant.  Thus people should do gardening.

Maintain the right temperature

Money plant requires a room temperature like 15C to 24C. This condition will give your money plant the most optimum conditions to grow well. Keep it in the indirect sunlight area. Too much or direct sunlight can damage it. 

Money plants can also adapt to low and fluorescent lights. 

Adequate amount of water

Money plant doesn’t require much water to grow well. Hence between every watering session, let the soil dry out. The soil must be a little dry before watering. When you see that soil is getting dry then water the money plant. But don’t flood it. 

To prevent root rot, your plant should not stand in water. This plant requires less water in the winter season because that time its growth is getting slows. 


This plant doesn’t require any fertilizers. Just feed them once a month, especially in the spring and summer. Because this time it is producing new leaves. But no fertilizer during the winter season. This time plant’s growth will get slow down naturally.  visit this blog to know more.

Just remember one thing that soil must be damp before applying any fertilizer. 

Give space to grow

You should re-pot your money plant from time to time for their better growth. Because roots can be damaged if they don’t get enough space to grow. There is a general rule for this plant that you need a pot with a diameter as wide as the plant’s foliage. 

Regular prune the plant to promote growth

To take care of your plant, prune unwanted branches. Cut from the right above a leaf node in the growing season. Prune encourage the growth of this plant. 

Be careful about pests

if you keep your money plant’s soil wet then that can attract fungus gnats. But too much dry soil also can harbour spider mites or soil mites. In that condition consider neem oil as a natural bug repellent. You can also use a systemic insecticide to get rid of pests. 

Final words

These are some care tips for your money plant. I hope it will help you to maintain the good growth of your plant.