Murano Glass to step up your Christmas decoration game

We’re getting near Christmas, and I know you’re itching to put up the decorations to bring out that festive mood. And you have every right to do so, because a British study reported that people who start decorating early are happier, it makes them tap into the excitement of the holiday season before the rest of us. 

But why do decorations make us so happy? For starters, the bright lights and colors are like color therapy, which is thought to increase energy levels and boost happiness. Or maybe it’s just the ambiance in general — who can resist smiling at the sight of a Christmas tree being lit for the first time? And of course, there’s also the nostalgia factor, decorations evoke those strong feelings of real happiness since we were children. Decorations are a pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement, and putting them up early simply extends the excitement, so why not?

Keeping all this in mind, choose beautiful decorations that bring you joy. You can bring out your family decorations that still make you feel like the excitement you had as a child, or you can buy new things to decorate the house according to your taste and style, maybe even starting a new tradition. If you’re in need of some new material to bring some light to the winter gloom, there is one type of decoration, elegant and unique, that has taken over the world by a storm, one that interior decorators and luxury lovers cannot resist, and that is the Murano Glass Christmas Décor.

Murano Glass is actually a very famous glass making technique that produces figures ranging from vases, centerpieces, sculptures, and even Christmas Décor. What makes Murano Glass so famous is of course its beauty, but its history is just as fascinating. 

Murano glass takes its name from the little island where it is made, which is part of a network of tiny islands in the Venice lagoon. This glass blowing process is an art passed from generation to generation since the 13th century and it is still handmade with the same techniques and tools used then. Behind each piece there are an eight hundred years old tradition and techniques the masters have learned and taught for all this time, preserving the authenticity of the work perfected by their ancestors. 

This glass is very exclusive as it can only be made in the little island of Murano and every piece has a trademark that certifies that it was made at a furnace that follows the traditional glass blowing process.

Murano glass is famous for elegant shapes and beautiful colors. Masters achieve these rich colors by adding different minerals into the mix. Traditionally, gold and silver specks are added into the glass, making the piece even more luxurious. This gives any object a glowing effect, as the specks reflect the light and can bright up the room. Being hand-made one by one by the glass masters, every creation is different from another, so if you buy something made of Murano glass, you’ll have a unique piece that only you own. 

Christmas Balls, Holiday Sculptures, Figurines, Placeholders and Nativity Scenes are some of the Murano glass options you have to create a warm atmosphere in your home for the holidays. All of them are made with the exquisite techniques that give the colors and design which really makes Murano Glass décor so eccentric and timeless. These Christmas decorations will light up the surrounding environment with their colorful light, but at the same time, they will add a touch of elegance and refinement typical of Murano blown glass.

This year why don’t you experiment and give an original twist to your Christmas tree with the Murano Glass decorations? Luminous, colorful, and elegant, these unique glass decorations will make your Christmas tree shine with its own light and become the focal point of your room. You can also make a refined atmosphere in your living or dining room by adding a Murano Glass Christmas Sculpture that will definitely make a great impression on your family and guests. Then, you can revolutionize your traditional Christmas decorations with one of the nativity scenes: they are unique collectible items, available in different colors and styles to suit any home décor and bring the special light and elegance.

By bringing into your house an authentic Murano glass artwork, entirely made in the heart of Venice, you’ll have a touch of Italian style in your décor, combining simplicity and a timeless beauty. Not only that, but you’ll also own a piece of Italian centuries old heritage.

If you’re now interested in buying some gorgeous authentic Murano Glass Christmas decorations, to brighten your home to gift your loved one, we recommend, a certified Murano Glass retailer based in Murano, where you can find gorgeous amazing decorations and so much more!