This Winter Enjoy Comfortable Interiors with Hot & Cold ACs

India being in a tropical zone, enjoys plenty of seasons. Mild to extreme winters and summers, along with the rainy season, call for such an air conditioning mechanism that comes with climate control technology. Hot and Cold AC is the answer to India’s ever-changing climatic condition.

Hot and Cold ACs perform the dual role of heating and cooling, as per the season. They provide indoor comfort all year round and maintain perfect indoor temperature. Available in 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton capacities, they can be fitted in all types of homes, apartments, villas, offices, and shops.

Hot & Cold AC – Cosy in Winters, Cool in Summers

Hot & Cold ACs promise great comfort all through the year.

  • Weather-proof Interior – Hot and Cold ACs generate heat to keep interiors warm and cosy during winters and distribute cool air during summers to bring down the soaring temperature. 
  • Reduces Humidity – Running ACs during winters will keep humidity at bay, thus removing mustiness.
  • Saves Space and Money – Hot and Cold ACs save space and money. There is no need to buy a heater specifically for the winter season. A single installation of this AC serves a double purpose, thus a good space-saving too.
  • More Power Efficient: A reverse cycle hot and cold AC by a reputable company comes with high star ratings making them a power-efficient product that can be used throughout the year. 
  • A Safer Option for Children – Oil heaters or blowers tend to heat up when in operation and must be away from young children’s reach. On the other hand, Hot and Cold ACs are mounted, making them safer if you have children or pets at home.
  • Better Temperature Control: Their ability to switch between hot and cold makes them apt for all weathers when you want to set the perfect temperature. The air conditioner switches between hot and cold air depending on the temperature set automatically.  

Hot and Cold AC- The Mechanism

Hot and Cold ACs have energy-efficient Inverter Heat Pump. This makes them work efficiently during the hottest summer days as well as during the coldest winter nights. Unlike the standard air conditioners, these dual ACs reverse the direction of refrigerant flow with the help of reverse valves. Whenever the AC is set to heat mode, these valves make the inside evaporator hot while the outside condenser remains cold.

Features of Hot and Cold ACs

Hot and Cold ACs also come with a host of features to provide you absolute comfort in all weathers. Some of the salient features of this AC are-

  • Tropical Design: These ACs are designed to work in extreme weather conditions and can provide comfort in a wide temperature range (-15 to 52˚C). 
  • Penta Sensor Technology: These ACs come with multiple sensors to detect the slightest of changes in external and internal temperatures and the working of critical components of the AC such as compressor and motor to give enhanced comfort even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Expandable Compressor: The compressor’s RPM automatically increases as the external weather conditions go into the extreme ranges giving you great cooling even when it’s 52˚C outside. 
  • Stabilizer Free Operation: The ACs come with an in-built stabiliser so that you don’t have to add an external stabilizer unit saving you both money and space. 
  • Silent Air Conditioner: The wave blade technology in these ACs reduce air cutting noise while increasing airflow, ensuring silent operation. 

Hot & Cold ACs come fitted with multiple airflow patterns for the best temperature distribution into larger living spaces. 

Precautions While Using Hot & Cold ACs

  • During winters, keep the air conditioner’s temperature in the range of 24 to 28 degrees for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Keep the fan speed between low to medium.
  • Avoid directing the AC vane towards the body.

With so many features and benefits of Hot & Cold ACs, they are indeed must-have electronic devices that will keep you comfortable and happy all year round. Make your selection of the best hot and cold AC based on your needs and budget. Hot & Cold Air ACs are specifically designed for Indian conditions and work wonderfully even at significantly lower temperatures.