Signs You Should Conduct Residential Roof Installation

We can all agree that specific signs can help you determine whether you should replace or repair the residential roof. Some of them are simple to notice, while others require more significant, or professional research.

The main idea is determining the best course of action based on the current situation. If the signs are transparent, it would be best to handle the process as soon as possible. For instance, when your roof reaches an old age, depending on the material. Since asphalt shingles are most common, after twenty years it will start to deteriorate.

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As soon as you reach this point, start sparing money for replacement. Check out home improvement options to determine the age of your roof based on the material. Some materials require replacement sooner, which is why it is important to understand each step along the way.

Signs You Should Replace a Roof

  • Buckling or Curling Shingles – It is vital to remember that sunlight can cause buckling and curling of asphalt shingles. That is why you should check out the slopes, especially the ones that are continually under sunlight. If you notice signs of warping, it is an indication you should replace them.
  • Damaged Roof Valleys – Remember that the roof valleys are a considerable part of your home’s integrity. They can help you with drainage, and allow your rainwater to flow to the gutters. The moment it starts to loosen, the first thing you will notice is water leakage. You should check out these areas for potential damage. If you notice missing or cracked shingles, the chances are high that you should replace the entire thing.
  • Flashing – Another essential factor when it comes to drainage systems is flashing. If it comes from old material such as tar or cement, the chances are high that the breaking down has already started. Instead, you should replace it with more durable materials such as metal.
  • Granules in Gutter – Having an outdated asphalt roof means that the granules will start to tear down, meaning they will fall inside your gutter. A clear indication that the replacement is imminent is the gutter filled with granules. Other signs include inconsistent or dark colors.
  • You Can See Daylight from the Attic – You should check out the attic from time to time to determine whether you should do something about the roof or not. The moment you notice light inside, it is a clear indication you must find a contractor to provide you peace of mind. 
  • Sagging – The severe indication that replacement is essential is sagging, which states that you have structural issues that may lead to severe problems after harsh weather. The main problem can happen due to attic decking or the foundation. You should handle this problem before it reaches other areas.
  • Moss – If you have humidity problems, you have created a perfect breeding ground for fungi, mold, moss, and other infestations. Apart from causing the roof or insides to be unappealing, the moss can cause severe damage. The moment you notice the moss covering a significant part of your roof, the chances are high that you should conduct replacement.

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Wooden Roof Signs

When it comes to wood roofs, you should know they are both durable and appealing. However, when they are reaching the end, it is challenging to determine whether they need replacement unless you have experience or a trained eye. The main indicators that something is wrong are:

  • Dark Spots – Wood roofs will feature dark spots after a prolonged period. It is a sign of rotting. If you notice it, you should think about handling the process of replacement as soon as possible.
  • Curling – Similarly to other options, curling and splitting are essential signs that you should do something about it.

The moment you discover signs of aging, as well as wear and tear, you should address the issues. The roof works as a primary protection for the rest of your home, meaning you should ensure it stays in good shape all the time.

Things to Know Before Installing a New Roof

1. Choosing Material

Finding the best material for your specific needs is not that simple. The main idea is to determine how much it costs, how it looks, and how long will last. For instance, asphalt shingles are the most affordable, but you will get short durability. Concrete and metal shingles are perfect when searching for durability.

If you wish to achieve a classic and elegant appearance combined with perfect insulation and a chance to customize it per your request, you should get wooden shingles. Traditional materials such as asphalt, slate, and shakes will offer you a combination of longevity and durability.

You can find a wide array of visually appealing metal roofs that will directly replicate traditional materials while offering you significant durability. Of course, metal is more expensive than traditional asphalt counterparts, but you will get a doubled lifespan, while you can boost the value of your household.

2. Layering or Peeling

Another essential factor is to determine whether you should completely remove the existing shingles to place new ones or choose an option where you can put another layer on top of the old ones.

Remember that you cannot get more than two layers of shingles based on the codes, and you should read the latest regulations before deciding. It is the better solution to peel everything off and remove old shingles, which will ensure seamless installation afterward.

As soon as you decide to add another layer to the existing one, you will add more weight to your roof, which may lead to foundation issues. Still, it is the cheaper solution to add layers instead of peeling. Everything depends on the professional Vista roofer you find because the contractor will provide you with insights on whether your home can handle more layers or not.

For instance, if you have issues with buckling or old shingles, or if your roof is uneven due to severe problems, taking off the old ones is the best course of action. Peeling is way more beneficial, especially if you wish to install ice and water shields, which are the rubber membranes that prevent ice buildup and leaks.