We know it’s daunting to move from one position to another – It demands your strength, cash, time and other things.

But remember one thing – Good preparation always conquer the stress you get in the process,

And this is an attempt to make your journey (moving one place to another) stress-free with the help of our 10 DOs and Don’ts.

10 DOs When Moving To A New House

  1. Do Create A To-do List- Organized work reduce our extra hours. When you create your to-do list you prioritize your work and make it happen comfortably.
  1. Do Start Packing – This should be the first on your to-do list. It kickstarts your journey and gives you the importance of packing that is essential for shifting.
  1. Do Inform – You must inform every important associate who looks after essential services. Notify your friends, family, Ex-owner (New House) and Society.
  1. Book Movers – Your primary job is to book a mover. Make sure you book a reputed, experienced and affordable one. This will ease your workload in several ways.
  1. Do Declutter – Decluttering saves a huge deal of time. There is no need to rush for things that you don’t require. Decluttering is mandatory to ease your burden!
  1. Do Save – If you can then do it. Arrange cardboard boxes from friends or family to load items rather than spending on other moving equipment.
  1.  Do Label – Label your packed boxes for identification. This helps you to unload packings the way you want. Mark the content, destination room and other instructions on boxes to unload conveniently.
  1. Do Update – Make sure you update your new address in mails, letters, and bills. To get relevant news at your new place.
  1. Do Check – Before you move to your new house check whether essential things are available or not. For instance, power, gas, water, etc.
  1. Do Final Check – Before you lock your old house, have a sneak peek inside every room to check if you are not missing necessary items while shifting.

10 Don’ts When Moving To A New House

  1. Don’t Lose Time – You will lose your precious time if you don’t have a clear plan of action. Make sure you organize the work as per your to-do list.
  • Don’t Procrastinate – You should never say ‘Let’s do this tomorrow’. Just prepare yourself and pack things first before you initiate other work.
  • Don’t Overpay – You try not to spend extra on services you don’t require. Ask for help and reduce the cost by packing things yourself.
  • Don’t postpone – You may see yourself in trouble if you postpone work. From packing to booking, every work should be given your attention.
  • Don’t Pack In Hurry – Keep your work organized, especially, the packing part. You will end up losing your energy and time when you are unorganized.
  • Don’t Sign – Be cautious. Especially, when you move to a new house. Don’t sign any blank paper or two without understanding it.
  • Don’t Pack Forbidden Things – Some equipment are restricted for travel. You need permission to get things moved which are inflammable, explosive and corrosive. Take the approval and go on!
  • Don’t Take Old Furniture – Your new house should have new furniture. It should definitely have when moving old ones cost you more than buying. 
  • Don’t Lift Things – There is no need to save money that can cause an injury. Do yourself a favour – Avoid lifting and save your energy.
  1. Don’t Assume – When you move to a new place you should always be ready first. Don’t assume that everyone will stand for your help, call them (your friends and family) and book them for a particular role.